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Simple, affordable connectivity to Medicare doesn’t need to consume your business’s time or IT resources. ABILITY Network is one of the nation’s largest providers of secure connectivity direct to Medicare, and when you’re an ABILITY Strategic Partner, our team of experts provides the tools and support you need to manage Medicare connectivity simply and seamlessly. ABILITY gives you an easy solution for all your customers’ Medicare needs, via HIPAA-compliant APIs embedded directly within your own software or with the best-fit ABILITY Medicare connectivity platform.

Medicare Direct Connectivity


Medicare Claims

ABILITY | ACCESS® Medicare Claims provides several platforms for connecting to all MACs for file transfer (837) and electronic remittance (835) in addition to standard claim and batch file acknowledgements like the 999 and 277ca and other available claims status transactions (276/277)

Medicare Eligibility

ABILITY | ACCESS® Medicare Eligibility provides several platforms for connecting to the HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System (HETS) for real-time or batch eligibility (270/271) transactions in native X12 EDI standards or parameterized and XML formats


ABILITY | ACCESS® DDE provides secure TN3270 emulation connectivity over several platforms to the Medicare Shared Systems, facilitating pass through DDE/CWF access to individuals or extended sessions for programmatic data retrieval


ABILITY | ACCESS® DDE API is a REST-based API toolkit providing a complete programmatic DDE data retrieval system and doubling as a REST-based API for real-time Medicare and all-payer eligibility (270/271) transactions in native X12, parameterized, and XML formats


ABILITY | ACCESS® DDE API+ is a REST-based API toolkit providing a complete programmatic DDE data retrieval and data write system, and doubling as a REST-based API for real-time Medicare and all payer eligibility (270/271) transactions in both native X12, parameterized, and XML formats


ABILITY | ACCESS® esMD provides secure connectivity either via sFTP for integrated vendor connectivity or portal-based GUI application to help hospitals and other entities respond to RACs (Recovery Audit Contractors) and claims that are ADR (Additional Development Request) from Medicare. ABILITY | ACCESS® esMD will accept relevant metadata, PDF and TIFF files and review contractor destination information via Secure File Transfer Protocol (“SFTP”).


Our site-to-site VPN service provides secure connectivity to Medicare, creating a virtual private network for your Medicare traffic. The VPN connects directly and immediately to the Medicare end point IP (MACs, HETS, DDE), and any EDI from the MAC (999, 277ca, 835) are pulled back in the same transmission.


  • Speed up your process and eliminate headaches with our simple Medicare connectivity platforms
  • Cut development and maintenance time – Why build your own? Offer your customers high-quality products supported, maintained and updated by ABILITY
  • Avoid delays in revenue – Users get fast, accurate claims submissions and easy corrections

    • Keep ahead of regulatory and industry changes – ABILITY proactively tracks changes that affect you and your customers – and provides continuing support and updates
    • Advanced technical support dedicated to your organization – You receive troubleshooting and resolution of issues with a team of advanced technical support representatives

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