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Home health billers historically spent countless hours checking Medicare eligibility, fixing rejected or T status claims, checking claim status in DDE and following up on resubmitted RAP or final claims to ensure proper payment.

Stop all the manual work! ABILITY | EASE™ has truly revolutionized the industry by automating the time-consuming processes that used to weigh you down. Time to simplify your Medicare billing.

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Manual eligibility verification is really time-consuming for me (all those DDE/FISS screens!) and easy to overlook. If I don’t detect changes in eligibility, that can cause delayed or even lost revenue.

ABILITY ANSWER: With the ABILITY | EASE™ “Move Catcher” feature, you receive a daily report with eligibility status updated weekly, without having to rely on DDE/FISS screens. The report compiles important elements from DDE/FISS, and also includes alerts and warnings about any changes in a Medicare patient’s eligibility status. No more need for manual eligibility verification using multiple DDE/FISS screens with every patient.

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I don’t have an easy way to identify “problem claims” and fix them. I have to remember to go in manually and check all my active claims. If I don’t find them and get them addressed, we might miss something that needs attention.

ABILITY ANSWER: With ABILITY | EASEyou receive an email summary report every morning, with online desktop views of alerts and status of claims. The report highlights issues such as RTP, Paid, Rejected, Denied, Cancelled, and Suspense. Popups explain the problem in detail so you can easily identify the corrective action you need to take.

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It’s very difficult to get a comprehensive view of a patient’s eligibility and claim history in DDE. Several sections of DDE need to be accessed to get all of the relevant information. It may require several screen prints – very time-consuming.

ABILITY ANSWER: With ABILITY | EASEyou can view all the relevant information regarding a patient on a single page, including their current eligibility status and claims history, grouped by episode in chronological order. Now you can more quickly determine what steps need to be taken to get the problem claim resolved without having to navigate multiple screens/sections within the DDE/FISS system.

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My manager wants a summary report of financial projections as well as potential claims at risk. It’s a pain to get the data out of DDE/FISS and put together that report – it takes me away from all the other time-sensitive work I need to get done.

ABILITY ANSWER: With ABILITY | EASE, you have access to comprehensive Medicare claim reimbursement information daily. You can generate a report that provides a view of RAPs at Risk and a view of all claims paid, as well as reimbursements expected (for up to 14 days in the future) and claims in process. You and your manager can more easily understand the revenue to be received and how you can cover operational costs.

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“We compared the cost of a new system like ABILITY | EASE against the loss of revenue as a result of incorrect eligibility. This was a no brainer – it paid for itself in two months.”

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