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Managers: Streamline your Medicare billing process

Going in and out of DDE/FISS several times a day. Keeping track of eligibility changes. Remembering to check claims for possible problems. Pulling together reports from software programs, web files, and multiple notepads.

We’re willing to bet your staff has figured out complicated workarounds that allow them to get their jobs done. Why not give them back some time – and free them up for more important tasks?

ABILITY | EASE™ provides the automated access and information your staff needs. What would they be able to do with 30% more time in their day? Find out with ABILITY | EASE.

What can we do for you?

Billing staff take a lot of time to create a report for me regarding claims paid, claims rejected, reimbursement projections, and RAP/Final billing situations. Staff is taken away from all the other time-sensitive work they need to get done, but I do need the data to keep the organization on track. 

ABILITY ANSWER: ABILITY | EASE gives you access to ALL of the claims for your organization in a repository, available 24×7. On a daily basis, the system automatically creates a comprehensive report of claims paid, cash flow to be received, claims needing corrections, ADRs, RAPs at risk – all without any manual effort from your billing staff.

All the steps needed to find problem claims is crazy. It also takes a lot of effort to correct them – our biller walked me through the process and it’s a nightmare! All of that can cause delays in getting our reimbursement, because claims needing to be fixed are missed or aren’t identified right away.

ABILITY ANSWER: With ABILITY | EASE your billing staff gets automated alerts, reports, and inquiries for ALL claims submitted to Medicare, sent right to their desktops. They’ll see whether the claims are paid, suspended, RTP’d, rejected, denied, or need modifications. Pop-ups on the reports explain the problem in detail so the corrective action is clearly identified – no need to refer to external resources.

Your staff then uses a simple “click to fix” option from a “Windows-style” interface to correct and resubmit claims – all without having to access the multiple, complex “green screens” of the DDE/FISS system.

We can’t seem to properly verify eligibility at intake. Sometimes it doesn’t get done at all, because of workload and the complexity of the verification process.

ABILITY ANSWER: With ABILITY | EASE your intake staff sees a single, user-friendly, comprehensive view of the patient’s eligibility (including Medicare Supplement Plans, benefit periods, and more). No more navigating the DDE/FISS “green screens.” They get a customizable view of all the pertinent information needed to verify eligibility at the time of admission to your program.

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