Time and attendance, in the cloud.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance is built as a completely new cloud-based application from the ground up, able to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and provide features that today’s software users expect and demand. It includes configurable time card rules, custom time codes, and allows the construction of rules to automatically associate specific pay codes to blocks of time staff members work based on where and in what position they are scheduled. Missed time punch alerts, variance reporting and time card reporting, among many other benefits, are all delivered in real-time, in the cloud.

While ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance can work with a punch clock or designated computer, it is fully mobile and sophisticated enough to know the geo-location of an individual when they “punch in or out” from their mobile phone. Alerts are automatically sent to staff members and managers when a “punch” is missed. Usability, mobility, security, real time updates, and seamless integration are just a few of the basics that come with ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance.