Shift to modern, cloud-based scheduling and experience the transformation


Our innovative 100% web-based Scheduling & Open Shift Management (OSM) application can help managers efficiently schedule their staff 24/7 (using any length shift), create a template (even with a rotation) or example model of a shift, and also lets the staff help managers fill an open shift online, see schedules and changes, request time off, swap shifts, etc. All schedules, changes, approvals, and alerts not only happen online in real time, but also are sent out as emails and text messages.

We can show you how using ABILITY SMARTFORCE can save your organization money, especially if you have any overtime issues, temporary labor costs, high employee turnover, or if your managers schedule by Per Patient Day (HPPD or $PPD). Our new functionality that auto-calculates the correct staffing based on defined ratios helps your managers make sure you are never under- or over-staffed.