How Does Medicare Reimbursement for CPT Code 99490 Work?

In 2015, CMS initiated the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program to compensate providers for taking care of patients with more than one chronic condition through CPT code 99490. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the funds available under this program go unpaid to providers because of challenges with identifying the right patients, undertaking the right encounters, documenting properly and correctly submitting the necessary medicare claim codes.

Due to these hurdles, many providers have more than $100,000 available to them in CCM refunds each year, but it remains uncollected.

Realize Your CCM Reimbursement Potential

ABILITY Network understands these challenges and has developed ABILITY NAVIGATOR CCM to help unlock this financial opportunity for providers like you to get paid for the care coordination services you’re already delivering.

With this application, you can simplify the complexity of administering the Medicare Chronic Care Management program and get paid for the work your staff is already performing, while also boosting quality of care and minimizing impact on office workflow.

ABILITY NAVIGATOR CCM is an easy-to-use platform that interfaces seamlessly with your work environment, automating your Medicare CCM management process so you can easily comply with program requirements and maximize reimbursements.

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Contact us if you’re interested in utilizing CMS data to calculate your practice-specific annual financial potential available under the CMS CCM program.