Occurrence Reporting and Analysis


Strengthen your incident management with ABILITY RISKWATCH, a process that focuses attention on each occurrence to ensure thorough investigation, proper response, and review for every event. You can use the comprehensive information from each occurrence to reduce risk, decrease liability, and improve resident care throughout your building and organization.

With ABILITY RISKWATCH you can better mitigate risk, ensure compliance, demonstrate quality, and handle audits or litigation with accurate, comprehensive documentation. It adds up to stronger performance for your organization – and fewer costs and headaches. Document incidents such as accidents, pressure ulcers, medication errors, falls, and any others you choose.

Utilized in conjunction with one another, ABILITY RISKWATCH, ABILITY CAREWATCH®, and ABILITY UBWATCH® provide rich insights into root causes concerning clinical conditions, adverse events, remediation, reimbursement, and resident quality of life.

“ABILITY RISKWATCH shows residents and surveyors that you take risk management very seriously.”
- Mira Vista Care Center
“ABILITY RISKWATCH allows us to respond to and take care of any concerns or issues that may come up in survey right away.”
- Christian Healthcare Center
“ABILITY RISKWATCH means that the data is all right there where and when you need it. You can see the entire process, from incident to investigation, and what steps were taken to deal with the situation. That’s a huge advantage we didn’t have in the past.”
- Christian Healthcare Center