Medicare billing management for FQHCs made easy


ABILITY | EASE Medicare is a web-based Medicare revenue management service that thousands of providers, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), are using to improve their Medicare billing process and speed up the revenue cycle.

ABILITY | EASE Medicare automates time-consuming Medicare billing management for FQHCs, streamlining eligibility and claim processing activities, which means you get paid faster. With ABILITY | EASE Medicare, you receive advance alerts for receivables at risk, have easy eligibility look-ups, and benefit from a simple automated process to correct complex and multi-step claims.

You’ll also gain greater visibility and control over your entire claims management process with automated alerts and easy to use analytics.

Additional resources

ABILITY | EASE Medicare Product Sheet
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You’ll connect to all of your ABILITY services via myABILITY, a SaaS delivery platform that gives you on-demand access to everything you need. The user-friendly interface features Single Sign-On (SSO), a site license delivery model (unlimited number of users), and customizable user-management allowing different profiles and permission levels to access information.

Whether it’s Medicare connectivity, revenue cycle management or eligibility services, ABILITY can help your financial, patient access, scheduling and administrative areas work more effectively and efficiently.