Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) reporting made easy

It’s not easy to interpret all of the new Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) rules and definitions and what they really mean for your organization. CMS provides tools to manually create PBJ reports, but the creation can be labor-intensive and you’ll still need to check for errors before submitting. That’s why ABILITY created ABILITY | CAREWATCH PBJ, to help you comply with the mandate – AND bring a new dimension to your overall quality management.

ABILITY | CAREWATCH PBJ helps ensure that you are sending accurate, thorough data to CMS. With the reporting capabilities, you will also be able to track trends and use the results for performance improvement. ABILITY | CAREWATCH PBJ can provide great value when used to complement ABILITY | CAREWATCH PBJ for managing your MDS assessments, or provisioned independently to support just validation, submission and tracking of your PBJ files to CMS.